Monday, July 25, 2011

Food Truck Friday!

Well, I've returned home briefly to await the repairman.  Our air conditioning went out last night, and both we and the puppies are wilting.  At least I got to go to my overly air-conditioned office.

But now I'm back, and thinking back to Friday, when we purposefully went out in the St. Louis heat, with the puppies, to the Food Truck Friday event at Tower Grove Park.

Food Truck Friday is through the St Louis Food Truck Association, and I happened to hear about it at work on Friday.  After explaining to Alec what a food truck is (apparently in Cleveland they're called "roach coaches."  Ew.), we harnassed up the puppies and headed out.

Of course, now I really want a food truck.  More than before.

It was hard to decide what I wanted, but I finally settled on going to the Mangia truck and getting the Arancini.  Hamburger, pulled chicken and mozzarella surrounded by rice, breaded and deep-fried.  
So glad I picked this.

Yeah.  It was amazing.
What I really, really wanted was to go back to the Cake Stop truck and get a French Toast and Bacon cupcake.  But by the time I got through the Mangia line, they were sold out.  Sadness.

This was a wonderful event, with a ton of people and their dogs.  Next time, we'll remember to bring lawn chairs.  Also, hopefully, next time it will be cooler.  But I'm definitely going back, wherever they set up camp next!  Alec wasn't the happiest with his selection, but he definitely loved mine.

This is just more proof that St. Louis has an amazing food selection.  There were so many different types of food available, from falafels to pizza to dessert to Italian to Mexican.  Something for everyone, you might say.

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