Friday, July 15, 2011


SlutWalk is coming to St. Louis tomorrow.

I, for one, am going to be involved.  Not because I've been called a slut (at least, not to my face).  I am participating because the idea that a victim of rape or assault can at fault is ridiculous to me.  The way a person is dressed, or their reputation, or their attitude, does not take away their right to their own body.  A girl wearing a short skirt is not "asking for it."  Also?  Victims of rape and assault are not just girls dressed like "sluts."  They are children.  They are elderly.  They are men.  They are everyday people who were not even in a so-called compromising position.  They did not deserve to be assaulted.  None of them.

Of course, the St. Louis burlesque scene is going to be involved.  Because, well, these are boys and girls who take their clothes off in front of an audience and flaunt their sexuality freely.  What sluts, right?


Many of us will be marching tomorrow morning in the SlutWalk itself.  But there will also be a burlesque/polesque show tomorrow night at the Fox Hole.  I won't be performing, but I'll be picking up all the clothes strewn about the stage and cleaning the pole.

And you know what?  I won't be wearing a lot.

But you know what that DOESN'T mean?  It doesn't mean I'm "asking for it."  Because I'm not.  And it doesn't mean I'm a slut.  Neither does the fact that I pole dance and enjoy it a hell of a lot.

Come out.  Join us.  Wear what you want, whether it's a miniskirt or jeans.  Go to the workshops, or the march, or the burlesque show.  Participate, or just watch.

But this is important.  Don't ever blame the victim.

SlutWalk St. Louis

SlutWalk St. Louis Pole Dancing and Burlesque Showcase

SlutWalk St. Louis Workshops and Presenters

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